Reusable Swim Diapers

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Turn around time is roughly 2 weeks

Expected release date is 30th Jun 2020

Product Overview

Swim diapers are awesome, they are easy, comfortable, and they save you so much money especially since they fit such a wide weight range. Best part is they’re super easy to clean!

My swim diapers are made with pul outer layer and 2 layers of 100% polyester for the inner layers. We now offer two different stlyes and size diapers so all baby sizes can fit in them! One diaper size snaps in the front and fits sizes 7-32lbs. The other diaper (the one pictured) snaps on the hips and fit sizes from 15lbs-50lbs. Both daipers have front snaps to adjust for the length you may need to help the diaper fit perfectly. These swim diapers will fit your baby until they are potty trained and/or for many summers. 

You will choose the outer layer and I will choose the inner layer with a cordnating color. All snaps except the the 4 front side snaps will be hidden under the linning fabric.

All Snaps are tested prior to shipping to make sure they work and wont fall apart. Even though they are tested buyer is still responsible for being careful with undoing snaps. 

Washing Instructions:
Machine wash cold on gentle cycle.
 Do NOT bleach.
 Tumble dry low.
 Do NOT iron (it might melt the outar layer)

How many should I buy?
  With my own experience I only ever needed to bring 2 reusable diapers with me to the beach/pool. Usually we only use one, but if baby pooped I’d have a back up! 

Warranty Information

Swim diapers can not be returned or refunded once shipped. All Swim diaper snaps are tested prior to shipping them. We will not refund or fix broken snap/s.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review