If I am Lost Bracelets

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Some children/adults can't communicate or remember important phone numbers. The If I am lost bracelets are for the child/adult to wear when going to big places, busy places such as fairs, parks, etc. and are a great way to ease your mind incase they wonder off and you both can't find each other.

They come in 2 sizes child and adult. All bracelets have an adjustable strap to fit many wrist sizes.
Adult starts at 6.5in around and goes up to 10.25in around
Child starts at 4.75in aroudn and go up to 7.25in around 
**Bracelets are all handmade so the size straps may very a tad**

Bracelet strap colors will be chosen at random. There is a box where you can request certain colors (I can not garuntee I'll have it available) you can also request certain color you do NOT want.

If you'd like to order bulk (5 or more) to save on shipping or a custom bracelet tag please email me here - ittybittycreations.help@gmail.com


(No reviews yet) Write a Review